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With an immense experience of more than 20 years in the field of music, we feel proud to introduce ourselves as the most professionally steered retailers of all types of high quality musical instruments. Sangeetanjali is a state of the art unit having professional infrastructure offering specialized and unique instruments.

We spend a high quantity of time for the research on these instruments so that the rich traditional tonal quality should be preserved and the requirements of the modern musicians can be fulfilled at very realistic prices.

We are thankful to all of our customers and especially to those who contributed their precious time and gave their valuable suggestions for our ongoing research on musical instruments and because of who's continued cooperation. We have achieved this confidence because of you.

We are extra conscious for the quality of our instruments and take care during every process of making instruments whether it is purchasing of raw material, quality and seasoning of wood to be used, crafting of structure, polishing, tuning, or packing of instruments.


The founders operated the company on one major premise: to give musicians the best prices and selection, along with superior service to help musicians achieve their goals in music.


The founders of Sangeetanjali were keen visionaries and men of strict principles who also always listened to what the customer wanted rather than tell them what they had to offer. This is because our instruments are popular for their ease of use and adaptability to any environment. This is evident from the variety of models that we offer for every instrument to suit everyone's needs and requirements. 

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